Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A few weeks ago I completed a 4 week "Flower Bed Design" class taught at Thanksgiving Point.  I learned a lot about designing my garden beds, designing so that you are not spending 100% of your time maintaining those beds.  We learned about what grows good here in Utah and we were able to ask a lot of questions about things we've been taught, such as...I've always been told to plant Marigolds around my tomatoes to keep the bugs out...wives tale.  The instructor does most of his garden in containers.  He takes brick sized styrofoam and puts it at the bottom of his large save $ on only need 12 inches of soil for a plant...!  Who knew?  We were taken on a tour of the grounds and the greenhouses.  The whole place is beautifully landscaped.  The Tulip festival is held here every year.  I took a few pictures but they do not capture the true beauty of this is just breathtaking!  Take a look at their link above.  Every year the bulbs are pulled up after they are done blooming and sold for a great price...$3/dozen...I bought 4 dozen!  Can't wait to get them in the ground for next year's crop!  What a great Mother's Day gift!

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