Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm so excited!

We took a little drive today and headed over to the World Market to get some fun stuff for the hubby...Father's Day is right around the corner...on the way back, we passed a sign that said "Estate Sale"...that caught my eye!  My daughter groaned and we went back and forth on a conversation like this, Daughter:  "Moooooooom (not moo, a long, whiny Mom)...why do we always have to stop at these things???"  Me:  (while whipping the car in an illegal U-turn)..."We have to stop!  Who knows what kind of treasures we'll find!"  Daughter:  "Oh my gosh, your gonna kill us!"  Me:  "One day when I'm dead and gone you'll remember these little crazy side trips and you'll miss me!"  Daughter:  Silence

And I was right!!!  Check out this vintage Schwinn bicycle I scored for $6 bucks!  I have been searching for one for years to put by my backyard arbor....gorgeous!

Basket:  $0 
A quick call to my mom resulted in this beautiful bicycle basket my sister brought back from Europe!  The basket didn't fit over her handlebars, so this beautiful basket is now mine!  (I hope my sister doesn't get mad...she gets to travel the world and I'm thrilled to have this basket!)  I'll carefully line it and plant BEAUTIFUL flowers and bring it inside during the it!

You know the best part?  My 13 year old son saw the bike and jumped on the internet searching for the same type of bikes to find out it's value, make, model and the details!  He is a vintage boy for sure!


 Sorry for the blurry camera broke, AGAIN!  Found this game my son just loves!  The box of games and cupcake picks were only $3!

Look at these cool vintage flags picks!
Clown clowns!
The random photo below is my beautiful garden yielding all kinds of delicious lettuce! 
Today was a very good day!


  1. LOVE your bike! What an great price! SCORE for you!!!
    It will look great in your garden!

  2. AWESOME FIND! that is a beaut!! i did not know we had a world market...where???? i want to go there.
    you coming to do the show? please. i would love to have you here.:D


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