Thursday, May 19, 2011


Has it really been weeks since I've blogged?  Life has been busy and crazy and well...I'll try and catch up!

I love my cousins so dearly and two of them came for a visit recently...My cousin Mindy (whose Mom is my Mom's sister) came into town!  Fun!  Dinner and cupcakes and exciting news!  Mindy is expecting!  Yay!

Mindy came and brought presents!  Sea glass she found on the shores in Hong Kong!  Beautiful colors of glass all worn down by the ocean....nature is amazing...(I also received my "Summer" issue by Matthew Mead!)  It was a good week all together!

The glass is just beautiful....

 Mindy brought me a Cath Kidston coin purse....what do you think?  Real or knock off...I'll never tell!

 Plus some awesome books!  Matthew Mead's Halloween ideas and The Farm Chicks Christmas book!!!  What awesome cousins!  Love ya Mindy!

Life has been busy but garden is coming along, clearing sections of yard and weeding and weeding and weeding and laying mulch and planting and lots and lots of rain this past week leaving everything so muddy!  Lot's of perennials made their big come back this year...which always leaves me with a feeling of satisfaction...more pictures to's your spring coming along?

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