Thursday, May 5, 2011

Progress....inch by inch

Man I have the best kids!  My oldest daughter, Chelsea, took Wednesday off and came up to help me work on the garden...and work we did...I have the sunburn to prove it....the weather in Utah has been amazing and perfect for we knocked out another huge section of yard and I can see a light at the end of my yard's tunnel...she is doing container gardening so she can grow veggies and herbs at her apartment...we planted tomatoes, lettuces, red and yellow onions, herbs and guess what?  The girl loves it!  She is a natural gardener!  My other great kid, Kayla gave me a "Designing Flower Beds" class over at Thanksgiving Point which I started on Tuesday....I cannot believe how much I am loving gardening and look forward to that weird or what???

Thanks to my sweet girls!  What great Mother's Day gifts!

These fun bright colored pots are from Walmart...Chelsea planted strawberries w/mint...we'll be making lemonade!
My garden boxes are sprouting sweet peas, lettuce and strawberries and some pansies...can't wait for salad this summer!  We weeded and weeded, then covered the area with a weed cover, then poured cedar mulch...I love this stuff and I love the "woodsy" color.  Still have lots to do, but progress is being made and I'm prepping my side yard to house those chickens I want!


  1. pretty pots! so colorful!

  2. Good job. The yard is looking so nice.

  3. I love the multi-coloured pots - they are really pretty!

    Pomona x

  4. i love your blog so much! everything is so beautiful:)


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