Monday, May 23, 2011

Randomly Random

So the garden has pretty much taken over my life.  The Utah State Prison has a great program.  The prisoners work in a greenhouse planting all kinds of perennials and annuals and then they do a state sale.  The plants are sold cheap!  I was able to attend this sale last year and got a bunch of stuff planted including hostas, phlox and a variety of plants I don't know the names of....I was so excited when the following surprises returned this year!  The following pictures are my random pictures of spring...EVERYTHING dies in our Utah winters and it is a true miracle when everything springs back to life....we've also had visitors in our yard....little baby chicks who are growing bigger by the day...I still don't have my chickens but it's in the works....I've been having dreams about weeding...I know...sick, huh? 


  1. I love the wagon! How cute is that? I think I need one on my front porch full of flowers! And how fun you have chicks!


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