Monday, April 4, 2011

Helping Japan

I found an extraordinary blog which made me STOP complaining about the daily problems of my life and START thinking about ways my little family could SERVE and HELP other human beings.  I'm talking about Japan.  As I watched the reports on TV and witnessed the devastation of that amazing country due to the recent earthquake and tsunami, I felt helpless.  So much suffering and sadness and loss.  My cousin Mindy told me about her dear friend whose family is living in Japan.  Their family is stationed there with the military.  Her blog is called Acte Gratuit, pronounced Ak-Te-Gra-Twye which means "gratuitous impulsive act".  Her name is Emily Warner and she is a mother and wife and a survivor of a natural disaster.  I'm sure her days are spent differently now than they were a month ago....she volunteers on a regular basis doing clean-ups in cities that no longer exist...she talks about the aftershocks and PTSD and wonders if we here in the US are even aware of Japan....we are...and we are praying for you Ms. Emily and lots of love and the desire to help is pouring out your way....!!!  Want to help??  Want to read firsthand about Japan's recovery?  Visit Emily here and leave her a comment of love and support...she needs and deserves it.  And help!  She gives lots of ways to help with the relief efforts....go here to read's the most interesting reading I've done in a long time....

 Acte Gratuit

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