Wednesday, January 19, 2011

American Crafts Delicious New Products

January is a birthday month in our house and I wanted to show you the new products coming out by "American Crafts" stinkin cute are these? 

these buttons are to die for...I really, really "need" them...
 and look at these cute little paper flowers...wait til you see how they use them on the layout below!

I love the little cupcakes...I have a thing for cupcakes...

 these little accessories are a "need" also...I love the little candles

I WANT this crown!  I promise I will wear it!

Here's some ideas for layouts using these products....very, very fun...

Another cool layout...
Sooooo....I have a proposal, if anyone wants to go in on an order, I do happen to have a wholesale account with this company....when you order wholesale you basically order about 6 of the same this is where your friends come in....ok friends...YOU IN?


  1. LOL....Christine, I love the firswt photo of th buttons, I could use three of those and some of the button on the crown....I need no more paper!!!!! But I always have room for buttons!!!! LOVE those first ones! :)

  2. im in! Let me know how much! One of each would be great! (depending on the cost of course)

  3. I love the crown! Your blog is great.


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