Friday, January 21, 2011


So the start of this year has been about organization....and home repair...against my will EVERYTHING seems to be falling apart around here, and all within the last 2 months....I even made a list...

Garage door
(panel broken, this one scares me cause I know it will be pricey!)

update:  repair done and it was not as expensive as we anticipated!

Cell Phone
 (eligible for an upgrade now but for months I haven't been able to read my texts!  Sorry to anyone I haven't responded to!  Any suggestions on a phone type?) 
Update:  We choose the "Blackberry" smart phone...I'm still too dumb to use it, but I WILL figure it out!

(one night the burner blew out all the power in our house!) 
Update:  See post dated 2/20/11 for a picture of our new additions!

(broken & now non-working as of last night)
Update:  replaced! 

(the lens opened & won't close...I REALLY miss my camera!  It's been mailed off to the Canon repair facility so I'm not crossing this off until I see if they can fix it!)
Update:  Canon gave me a NEW camera, free of charge! 
Never hurts to write the company and send the broken one in!

(still hanging by a thread)

Kitchen sink sprayer
(busted and I really miss it!)
Update:  somehow it's husband was able to fix it!

Sink hardware
all erroded due to hard water

front door knob, handle & lock
Update: (now repaired!)

Washer Macine
(spin cycle on the fritz, some days it's fine, and some days the clothes are soaking wet!)
Note:  all front loading washers have a lower front panel that is easily removed...inside is a filter...slide it out and clean out all the disgusting gunk and give it a little wash...slide it back in, replace the panel and the machine works like new!!

Vacuum cleaners
(both of them are in the shop as I type!)
Update:  repairs done and they work fabulously!

(burns everything no matter what setting it's on but I just ordered a new one!)
Note:  A Cuisinart 4 slice toaster was ordered and has arrived...we still burn toast sometimes but we are still learning how the new "gizmos" on the toaster work!

are you depressed yet?  I was...but I'm better now because as I type this list I see that everything will be repaired & look how much we've done already!  The Lord is good and has provided new income for us so we can slowly work down this list! 

So for 2011, HOME REPAIR and ORGANIZATION are the name of the game....and now I'm excited to show you what I ordered!!!  I saw it in my new Better Homes & Garden magazine that 79! 

It's a wrap center!  I'm going to organize all of my wrapping papers, tape & ribbons in one spot!  I bought a second one to use on the inside of my pantry door...I CANNOT wait to get these delivered and put up!  I'll make sure and take pictures of the end results (that is once my camera comes back repaired!) 


  1. You have just made me see that I too need a wrapping station! lol! Good luck with the organisation!

  2. What a list! Best of luck! You asked for phone suggestions...I love LG phones. I've had a few different ones like the chocolate and env3. They hold up well for me.

  3. I am on an organzational rant too...It is making me crazy....

  4. I love the beginning of the year because I always want to organize. It feels great. Making the list is the first step, and then you just take it one step at a time, good luck.

  5. I love organizing too! I just wish I had more time to do it! As for your appliances, my neighbor is a repair man. Let me know if you want the number!


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