Monday, January 17, 2011

The Christmas Card You're Never Gonna Get...

So this is the card you were gonna get for Christmas...

Doesn't the love for Santa just shine through in her little face?
Santa was amazing...stating all kinds of random facts about last Christmas that will keep my 9 year old believing til she's 20...he really was that good...

the photo session was really fun, cool props, a warm-up "get-to-know" Santa time before pictures were started...sweets for the kids...
 But below are the photos I did receive....I have no idea whose children these are, nor do I know who the dog belongs children's images arrived long after Christmas was over...and even though the photographer made right by sending me the correct images and my money back...(after many e-mails, texts & phone calls)...we WILL NOT be returning next year and therefore, no Christmas card from me...

(deep sigh)...there's always next year, right?

P.S. - My girl's adorable dresses were made by Elizabeth at Simple Simon & Company


  1. What beautiful girls you have. Santa looks just how he should do and the photographs capture a time of innocence that you will treasure forever!

  2. What a shame that you did not get to use those pics on your christmas cards. Glad you got them in the end and your money back too! Your girls are gorgeous x

  3. The dresses look darling!!!! I am still in love with that fabric....wish I could get more.

  4. They are so adorable. That's funny, are you sure those aren't your kids? Maybe the photographer just has an ability to separate DNA in the photos and that is what your DNA and Gary's DNA looks like separately. I'm glad you got your money back.


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