Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Seashore Shopping...say that 10 times fast!

Something I love almost as much as the sea is the seashore shopping!  This darling little shop called "Whimsy" was located in Carpenteria, California and was a super score as far as vintage shopping goes!
The cute apron & black & white checked tiles drew us in...
Fun Captain chair
Patient husband waiting in the Captain's chair
Can you say BEACH?  I can!
Love the beachy decor...not sure if it will work in my Utah home...of course it will!
This light fixture is amazing....
This large sign would go great in my entryway
These pillows would go lovely on my bed...
I loved how this store displayed their items...
Stacks and stacks of vintage tableclothes!
I was so proud of my son digging through little rooms and bins finding that perfect treasure...makes a mom proud!
When I was reviewing my photos, I saw that School Stop Sign in the back...why didn't I get that?  I missed it when I was in the store!  Look at the old Ant Farm, remember those?
Treasures everywhere
I love these large vintage signs...
Oh yes!  I DO like to be beside the seaside!


  1. You just find the BEST shops!
    I'm drooling over that stack of boxes with the chippy paint!

  2. Awesome..shopping !!Thanks for sharing this with us!!At least your hubbie was smiling..lol

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  3. I only wish I had tons of money to buy all that stuff Mercedes! Thanks Cindy!

  4. Lets go BACK! Miss my home away from home...cute, quaint, beautiful Carpinteria...how I miss u.


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