Friday, July 30, 2010

Can you say Beach?

Awwww....the Beach....I LOVE the Beach!  The smell, the sea, the sand (ok, not so much the sand) but being at the beach just makes me so happy!  Not that our trip didn't have some ups and downs...we were all cramped & hot & sick of driving...the kids were annoying each other and my husband & I had a fight discussion about directions (I am the directionally challenged one) but when we got to the beach it was too gorgeous to fight, too beautiful to not take a moment and soak it in....awwww, the beach.
I love the flowers that bloom EVERYWHERE, these were on a tree!
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
And the cute beach homes....look at the fun tile work on this one...right across from a famous burger joint called "The Spot"
This one is available for rent right now...
This was someone's home and it beckoned it adorable or what?
Look at the little chair to the left outside of the french doors with a cozy afghan spread for someone to sit a spell...I didn't sit though, didn't want to get arrested for trespassing...
This is "The Spot"
Good times...


  1. So insanely jealous right now.

  2. My sister and friends go to Carpenteria every two years. They absolutely love it! Glad you had fun.


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