Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Biggest Loser

So today I found out that I did not win the Lap Band Competition....heavy sigh...and another heavy sigh because I still have to lose weight and I'm gonna have to do it the hard way! They did offer me half off, but coming up with $10,000 is just not possible right now! daughter Chelsea and I (she's my only child in 6 who struggles with weight) are contemplating signing up for The Biggest Loser. We went on line and printed two nine-page applications. They also require a 10 minute must be creative and eye-catching (probably because they get so many applications!) So my question is this....would you do this if you were me? I'm a little nervous about standing in front of millions in those stretchy work out thingies they have the women wear...of course they don't cover the belly, or stretch marks or any part of a fat body! And they yell at people, a lot when they are blubbering like a baby because they've been on the treadmill for an hour straight....but those people learn amazing things and they come out of that place thin & fit & healthy & some of them rich! So??? Would you do it? And if you would....what are some good ideas for a video?


  1. Hey Christine...dang it, I was really hoping this would work out for you.

    I say what the heck, what do you have to lose? I think the Biggest Loser is such an inspirational show in itself, and if you guys get on the show and benefit from it, then all the better! The things they teach you are life saving and healthy and the way we all should be doing it.

    So I say yes, go for it, even though you will be out there for the whole world to see, you can prove it to yourself to never be that way again and work really hard at being healthy and fit!

    You are a great woman, and it's what's inside that counts. So many love who you are and not what you are - including myself - GO FOR IT!

  2. Where do you have to go to be on this Big Loser show? Is it possible for you to be away? What does Gary say? I personally would not do it! But you already posed for the lapband contest, so what's the difference? Go for it. Love you both! Mom oxoxoxoxoxoxox


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