Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Ol Living Room Make-Over

I boldly went into my basement, which seriously is a danger zone and dug through boxes and bins and found a bunch of stuff for the most inexpensive sitting room (as my British husband calls it) MAKEOVER! With a bottle of spraypaint I armed myself and changed my little black sofa table into a little red sofa table.. The only new item was my sofa slip cover....I love DENIM! I like the versatility of denim. With a few simple changes in decor & pillows I can have a whole different look...right now I'm going for the beachy, cottage look. It was fun displaying the shells we've collected in Seaside, brought back great memories of summer days at Grandma's house! (When I look at these pictures the room looks so empty! It's much better in real life!) The paintings on the wall are water colors that my Mom painted of my kids on the beach...I LOVE those paintings and miss my Mom so much! She only has one year left in the Philippinnes as a missionary and then she can return to her REAL job...being a grandma! Love you MOM!


  1. Looks awesome! You should post "before" pics as well--not all of us have been in your amazing home :D

  2. I LOVE IT! i totally agree with the denim thing.

  3. I love your new look there. It seems less crowded. Where did you put the piano? I hope you hired someone to move it. It's a back breaker.
    Just looking at this room, makes me homesick for Oregon. My whole house in Utah is beachy. I love it!

  4. I put a simple rule for hanging paintings in a group on the segment below this one. Sorry! It's supposed to go here.


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