Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm Off to Preston, Idaho

Hey everyone! I have an exciting weekend adventure planned! I'm off to Preston, Idaho where my friend has opened a darling little store! She has a bakery, she sells furniture (she makes herself!), and home decor! This little town of Preston is going to be inundated with cowboys & cowgirls coming in for the annual rodeo! I am bringing tons of my stuff to sell in her keep checking in, I'll have pictures to follow! You know, I'm a born & raised California this will be my first rodeo...! I'm kind of excited! Check out Brandi's store at


  1. Why did I think she lived in Denver? Darling store. You guys are so creative it makes my head hurt....and I mean that in a good way. :)

  2. When hanging groups of paintings, photos, etc., have them relate by making one side of the frame even with another frame. Christine's large painting in her new living rm, shold be even on the bottom with the smaller painting on the right. The smaller paintings should aline with each other, probably vertically on the left or the right. I wish I could draw you a diagram, but it's so easy. My picture framing husband taught me this.


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