Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kids Make Me Laugh!

So my youngest child is Zoe. She's 3. She is quite the character and always cracking her Dad and I up! She keeps me young. I kinda have a morning routine. I walk around the house, opening curtains, windows for air, that kind of thing. I make my rounds. So today, I pass this little table I just re-painted. On the table I placed this cute little glass house (the one I scored @ a yard sale for $5!). Inside are two little white birds. Well Zoe added her own touch....what a fun surprise to find! Little things like this just make my day! Thanks baby girl! :)


  1. She is srsly the cutest thing ever.

  2. That is so funny. Dad and I had a good laugh over that. Zoe is such a character!


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