Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'm Back from Preston!

So I took a quickie trip to Preston, Idaho...yes...the famous town of Preston where Napoleon Dynamite was filmed! So cool! My friend Brandi opened a new little store & bakery and I headed out to bring some stuff I made and to help out...! So in the past 24 hours I have attended a parade, sold baked goods, visited historical pioneer sites and did a drive by of the high school that was used in Napoleon Dynamite's film and happens to be the school that Brandi's husband graduated from! Cool again! I was amazed at the beauty of the land out there and woke up early this morning, took a walk by the lake at the back of their house, picked apples & raspberries and I can't wait to get cookin! What a fun getaway!


  1. That looks like such a great trip. I miss Brandi and my kids miss their kids a lot. I hope your trip was successful.

  2. i love's so pretty and still country there.

  3. Have the bottom of the large painting on the left even with the bottom of the smaller painting on the right. Then relate the 2 smaller paintings by having either the right side or the left sides lined up vertically. This is a rule of hanging groups of paintings together.


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