Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Found a New Store

I was going from blog to blog and found this adorable store "Feather Your Nest" I love vintage and this place sells some darling vintage items! I am re-doing a bedroom in Tomato Red & Teal...would those fun valises be great or what? The baskets are an adorable way to organize! Wouldn't those be fun hanging on a wall in your office? And the prices are affordable! Just go to and shop, shop, shop!


  1. Hi Christine,
    First I wanted to thank you for all the nice things you've said about my totes. You were so much fun to visit with. I wish we lived closer you'd be a great friend to hang out with!
    Now about those "Valises". My best friend all my childhood years in named "Valisa" Her mom saw the name on a litte suitcase, probably like the ones you showed, and named her after them. This is the first time I've ever heard someone refer to them. Anyway- thanks again. Hopefully we'll meet up again soon.

  2. Thanks April! I totally thought the same thing about you...that we would probably get along really well! I gained all respect for you when you tied those perfect bows on my cupcakes! Aren't those valises adorable? I love that website I found..I want to order everything! We'll have to meet up at a boutique mid-way..there are so many coming up!

  3. What bedroom are you painting tomato red?


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