Thursday, July 9, 2009

Support Your Local Vendors!

Can I just tell you that I just LOVE blinkies?! I've added some fun new "blinkies" to the right side of my blog....these are local women who make the most adorable stuff! I just discovered "Hand Picked Daisies"...they make Visiting Teaching messages and sell out of a shop called "Bags That Fit" in Lehi. If you want the "I Love Visiting Teaching" blinkie to add to your blog...just visit their site...You definitely have to check out "Giveaway Today"...they literally give prizes away on a daily basis! Fun stuff too...I found a cute blog called "Family Home Evening in a Snap!" They have the cutest blinkies and great FHE ideas! The blinkie that says "I Love Visiting Teaching" leads to great ideas for your monthly VTing! Last but not least, "Bugs -N- Bees"...Jennifer Sanders makes the cutest dresses so our little girls can look like little girls! I just love her stuff! So click on a blinkie and off you'll go....have fun! One more thing...Pioneer Park is holding it's annual Farmer's Market full of fresh fruit, veggies and vendors selling all kinds of crafts...what an experience...this weekend is the VW check them out and Support Your Local Vendors! The Farmer's Market is open Saturdays, June 13 - Oct 17 from 8 am - 1 pm...Pioneer Park is located at 300 S 300 W, SLC.
I've posted some pictures of what I bought for a great price at the market AND what I cooked...fresh veggies & herbs inspire me to cook! I love the fresh produce you can get only during summer months...I marinated some chicken in lemon juice & fresh herbs, added a variety of fresh lettuce, cucumber & onions I picked up at the market & topped it all on a homemade scone. Just drizzle asian salad dressing, slivered almonds and wonton strips (the best invention) on was so yummy! I can cook decent meals when I really want to...going to the market inspired me!
P.S. - The cherries are the bomb! I especially love the Rainier cherries!

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