Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hysterical Blog

You have got to check out this woman's blog...Vand Co. I just laughed and laughed, made my husband pause the History channel, (which is really hard for him sometimes) and made him read about the cow...you see, we can relate to having a cow that will eventually become dinner, we've been talking about doing this for a while, in fact, my husband wants a herd of goats that he can move from farm to farm and make some money...anyways...I'm rambling...I have found a kindred spirit on this blog and wanted to share it with you...I'm adding the button to her blog to the left! Read her blog and wear a depend adult diaper, because you will pee your pants like I did!

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  1. hey chirstine!
    well first off thanks for thinking i'm funny. really when you live in a farming community of about 500 people and you were raised in los angeles and san diego...well i don't have to try hard lets just say that.
    second, please please tell your husband that goats are of the devil spawn and should not be thought of as cute animals. we've had two and tell anyone who wants one not to do it unless you want to be repenting a lot for all the swear words you will be doing just by having to deal with them. i have many stories on the blog about them too. just look under "crazy thing we call our life" or "somebody shoot me" tags on my blog.
    just to give you a heads up we had one that liked to get on the trampoline...and jump. and yeah i got a picture. good stuff.
    well thanks for the link and hope to "talk" later! ;)


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