Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hold On...more to come

Today a bit of hard work paid off....I have been managing the Vintage Yard Sale Utah Site since January, 2013 and to date we are over 2,300 members!...the site has taken off and provided many opportunities I could never even imagine.

I could only imagine the challenges that would come when I decided to begin this site...had NO idea the interesting & amazing people I would meet...the challenges of managing 2,300 different personalities but all with one common denominator...

I'm so grateful for all of this and today, a bit of the hard work paid off... "Deseret News" in Salt Lake City, Utah, posted an article about the site and a little bit about me...

you can see it here:  Deseret News Article  

A special thanks to Emilee Eager who interviewed me and wrote the article...what a sweet girl with an amazing future ahead of her...thanks to everyone who made this such a great place to spend my free time!

An extra special thanks to all the members of the Vintage Yard Sale site who make this a great place to be...a place to meet others who share the same love of our past and work to preserve that past in the now!  


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