Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas 2012

We were given the gift of Disneyland this year!  Thank goodness because we did not buy ONE gift, ONE stocking stuffer....we were tapped out after having 2 of our children get married within one month of each 2 days after Thanksgiving and the other 3 days before Christmas!  Just being able to leave our cold climate for beautiful warm weather was a gift and after Disneyland we were lucky to spend 2 days at the beach...the warmer weather was so therapeutic!  
Santa did find his way to Southern California and we felt so blessed!!  

Here are some of my favorite pictures... 

Here's my kids minus my husband & the 2 married kids + a new daughter & son-in-law!

Here's my sweetheart...what a trooper...packing, unpacking, loading the car, him so much!

It was balmy weather in Anaheim...mostly in the 60's...these plants were gorgeous and not aware that it was the end of December...I love that about California

Disney details always amaze me...every corner is decorated, no detail missed

My adorable cousin showed up to play!

and play we did...this guy knows details...he is a season pass holder for Disneyland and has visited Disneyland since he was a wee a season pass holder he was invited to a "behind-the-scenes" view of Disneyland...he told me that he will never again put his hands up high on Space Mountain after riding the roller coaster with the lights on...he could see how close the ceiling here is our picture...I'm protecting my head the whole has scarred me for life.

My girls were in heaven...who wouldn't be with Minnie Mouse? 

The food at the Plaza is divine...the french toast the best I've ever had...and of course, Mickey Mouse waffles!

This amazing woman free hands your sillhouette with scissors...she is amazing and my daughter wanted to take her home with her

Our 2nd day at Disneyland was so crowded so we went shopping...the Lego store was a hit

California Adventures...vintage California...I was in heaven 

and then the beach...the beautiful smells of the sea...

my new friend...she wasn't shy at all...I was just afraid she'd bite me 

Ruby's on the end of the pier...delicious

then the storm came we went to antique stores...very fun

So many wonderful memories...grateful for this time with my family...

Happy New Year!

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  1. Fabulous Christmas! Your lucky children to have such a great Mom and Dad!


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