Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gardner Village Blogger Event!

I had a great opportunity to attend a "Blogger's Night Out" at Gardner Village!  So.  Much.  Fun!  In case you've never been there, Gardner Village is a charming collection of little shops and is a wonderful place to take your family during the different seasons and a great getaway for a girl's night out.  They decorate this place in amazing ways and the attention to details is what I love the most!  Even the smallest corner is decorated with something reflecting the season...for many years my girls and I have attended the "Witches Night Out" event, dressing up as witches, shopping like crazy & even dancing the night away! 

The evening began at Archibald's Restaraunt where we checked in, were treated to their most popular fried green tomatoes & other delicious foods, grabbed a swag bag and headed out to see the shops!

The village was decorated for Halloween with witches everywhere!  Witches riding bikes, witches hoola hooping, playing baseball & all kinds of activities!
The shops were at their best!  Decorated to the hilt, ready for the fall season with lots of sales & new items!  I bought myself a gorgeous fall necklace for my daughter's upcoming wedding at 
A new shop that I'm excited about is Taste Culinary Boutique and as a blogger, I've been invited to attend a cooking class!  I'll be learning Thai cuisine which is one of my favorite foods!  The place smelled amazing and we could see a cooking class going on upstairs...I'm excited to learn something new...I seriously recommend this place to you...all kinds of good stuff going on in there...I'll post again after my class to let you know how it went.
The highlight of the night was meeting Lucinda the Witch who confused us "Bloggers" with "Cloggers" family has gone to Gardner Village for many years and a memorable experience we had was riding in the witch's carriage where Luncinda entertained us with stories of toads, spells and kids still talk about her and she was a great host for this event...
Thanks to those who put this event on...!


  1. Oh...My goodness! I love your blog! Just look at all the red...gadgets, photos, energetic graphics, stripes and all around charming details. I am a huge lover of RED!
    I just became your newest follower and am excited about returning again and again!

  2. Thanks Carolynn! I love these colors and had a great blog designer,! Come often...I'm trying to be better at posting more often!


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