Saturday, September 29, 2012

Done. Done. And Done.

We are done with another year of the wonderful, marvelous, stupendous Fallow Field Farm Marketplace...
What an amazing show! 

I'm always exhausted after weeks of crafting to get ready for a our house, when Mom is in "crafting mode" this means cereal for dinner, laundry piles up to my neck, dirty dishes or garbages full of paper plates because I wouldn't let anyone use the dishes...the kitchen island, kitchen table & every available counter space cluttered with scrapbook papers, buttons, baubles, ribbon, hot glue guns, modge podge & the smell of spray paint throughout the house...which can't be good for my brain or the developing brains of my children....why do I put myself and my family through this insanity?  

I don't have a good answer for that except that when it's the night before the show and my stomach is full of butterflies, and the anticipation of setting up and selling things that you put your heart and soul into and that you personally, almost hoardishly (is that even a word?)  hope don't sell because you love them so much...and the fun of seeing other women who LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being creative and who are fun to visit and chat with and get to know each other because we are all in this love of crafting insanity together....well...all why I do it....

I'm pooped but it's a happy pooped...I snapped a few photos with my phone...until I can purchase a fancy schmancy camera...this is all I've got...enjoy!

 Marci, Dana & Jennifer

Our amazing the beautiful greenhouse!!

 The amazing table for goodies...!

My mom's beautiful watercolors...

The Halloween wreath I made...SOLD!

The cute handmade wreaths, bats, spiders & Halloweenie things that Tiffany made!

We still have items available so leave me a post comment if your interested in anything you've seen!  


  1. Your booth and everything in it was amazing!! Plus I felt I had made two more best friends and wished we lived closer to hang out with you both! Your family is so beautiful and so sweet especially Zoie(sp?). She thrilled me with how comfortable she was to talk to me. What a doll.!

  2. Yep, it was so fun to meet you in person. You are so talented!! Come on over to my blog and pick up some pics of your booth!!

  3. You adorable lady!! I'm so glad my bribe worked...I loved having you here.;) You rocked the greenhouse and I am so glad you wanted it because no-one could have done it up like you. Thanks again for being here...I love you!!


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