Friday, August 10, 2012

27 years ago my first child was born...she came after many painful, long hours of labor...I'd decided to do things drug free and I've regretted it ever since...Pitossin, painful contractions, decreased heart rate, (hers) and lots of support from my Mom and the nursing staff, Chelsea was delivered...she came out a bit smashed and extremely hairy which frightened me at first...I had no idea that babies had so much hair!  She was beautiful though and we stared at each other for a long time...Chelsea is an old soul and I believe was sent here to save me...she has been my support, my friend, my confident, my protector and a protector and great example to her younger siblings...she has served a faithful mission for our church serving others in Rochester, New York.  She graduated college with a degree in Recreational Therapy and now serves the elderly in a nursing facility...they love her...we love her...she never ceases to amaze me with her talents, her love of color and her mad skills at decorating...she is stubborn and head strong when it comes to what is right and fair...she has an amazing ability to save money which I've never had!  She is generous and kind and we've been called "twins" because of our similar features and expressions...I love her so bad and want to wish her a very Happy Birthday!  Lubs & kisses  are.  amazing.

Who are these girls and how did I get so lucky!



  1. Awww Christine that is so sweet. And goes straight to my heart.


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