Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kitties, Lanterns & Camping

Our Mama cat had 7 kittens...all beautiful, adorable kittens that have been healthy, playful and messy!  I'm glad my children had the experience of seeing them born, watching how Mama Kitty cared for them, cleaning them, feeding them and making sure they were safe.  I'm grateful to my Mom who set the example by giving all of our childhool animals a chance to be a Mommy.  We adopted all of them out and made their new families promise to love and care for them as much as we do....every one of  them ended up with such good people and that makes me so happy. 
We will miss them.

Another cool thing my kids got to be part of this past weekend was helping out with a proposal of marriage!  We let off 100 lanterns (just like in the movie "Tangled") and a young man took his girlfriend out on a boat on the lake and proposed as all 100 lanterns floated above them.  She said Yes!

I guess we do live in a pretty cool place with a lake just down the road and amazing neighbors that invite us to do cool things...!  I feel very lucky!

Want a chance to do something cool and exciting with your neighbors??? 

Saturday, June 23rd is National Backyard Campout Day!
Invite your neighbors over for S'mores & a campfire and then everyone head back to their own little backyard tents...I found these cool pics on the internet...I can't wait!

Fun, huh?  So do it!

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  1. That kitten is so sweet looking. Who is the lucky fella that is now engaged?


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