Tuesday, March 6, 2012

So Many Birthday Parties

I am officially partied out!  One of my goals was to get several birthday parties done before surgery...mission accomplished!  We've had family birthday parties, friend parties, baby showers and grandma's birthday in the past few weeks....it's been crazy, but we did it!  And I have pictures too!
It was the birthday girl's year to have a "friend" party...we do this every other year...
this kid LOVES Curious George and has since she was a baby!
George was very popular...found the bananas at Winco!
 Yes!  Those are Birthday Cake Oreos!  Oreos is 100 years old!  Happy Birthday Oreos!
We made yellow hats like the Man in the Yellow Hat! 
ate lots of cupcakes & sherbert floats (rainbow sherbert & 7-up)! 
noone leaves empty handed...goodie bags for everyone! 
thanks friends for the great presents! 
we played games (this one is called "Monkey in the Middle!") 
I love the conversations that take place around a table of 5 and 6 year olds! 
isn't Camden a cutie pie? 
birthday melt downs are always a plus
friends who come and help are greatly welcome! 
this friend is pointing out that there is no way that Vetrinarian Barbie can work in those shoes! 
Happy Birthday Zoe!

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