Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day Before Surgery

I believe I'm ready...or as ready as I'll ever be for surgery....I'm having a cyst removed from my spine.  A cyst that has been wreaking havoc in my already crazy life!  This little marble sized cyst has pushed it's way into my sciatic nerve and every day, all day, and especially at night.  It's definitely made it's presence known!  I'm grateful for good medicine because cortisone shots are amazing little miracles.  I had one about 3 weeks ago and it lasted a good 2 weeks which gave me enough time to get things done without all of the pain.  I'm so grateful for my children and a husband who love me and have made these last several months amazing through their endless service.

 Last night we celebrated my Mom's birthday and my Dad brought me a gift...The Gopher.  It's a spectacular tool that I believe I'll get a lot of use out of!  Thanks Dad!  So wish me luck, I hope for a quick recuperation and I'll blog as often as I feel up to it!  6 - 8 weeks of recovery sounds like a long time, I hate sitting still!

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