Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's a Hard Knock Life

My youngest child (age 5) has been obsessed with "Annie" lately.  She even told me that if her hair were red, she would look just like honey...I was thrilled she found a fun, wholesome musical that she could watch without warping her little mind and that she was ok taking a break from Sponge Bob...until today....
My little one woke up this morning sobbing.  She'd had a nightmare and it went something like this...

Something (sob) happened (sob, sob) to you and Dad (total break down here) and I had to live at an orphanage (more crying) and the lady (Mrs. Hannigan we asked?) was SO mean to me! (sooooobbb!) 

This bad dream left her very sad all morning until she left for school.  We did offer parently advice such as, "you know, it's a hard knock life" (snickering) and we did let her know that Ms. Hannigan has a drinking problem and that's probably why she's so mean to our little one left for school we sent her away with these parting words, "have a good day honey and don't worry, the sun will come out tomorrow!"

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  1. That is so sad and funny. I think she would totally look like Annie. I love Z.


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