Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I had an amazing weekend with my daughters and a friend when we attended "Flea*o*logy!  It's one of the best flea markets I've been too in a long time!  So good in fact, that I plan on attending any other events that these ladies have!  There was tons of great collectible items at reasonable prices!  Everything was all vintagey and retro just like I love! 

The day began with a box of Dunford donuts, a gallon of milk, one Mom, the Mom's friend and two of the Mom's daughters.  Add a crazy flash flood kind of rainy downpour, minor hydroplaning and my daughter's new car sliding around on the freeway while being passed by Semi truck drivers who don't believe in slowing down no matter what the road conditions are (take breath here!!!!) and you have FLEA*O*LOGY!  The flea market is usually an outdoor event, held in one of the gal's front yard but outdoor events during Utah's winter months are next to impossible, so it was held in a flower nursery...an adorable little shop which allowed the rain to pour loudly on the roof while us die hard shoppers wandered around nice and dry!  Curious about future Fleaology events?
Go here: Flea*O*logy  

 I want this Grandma bike!
 I want to get these to hang my yard tools on the back fence!
 We loved the jewelry!
 Awesome party hats!

 I love old trucks!
 Um, yeah, Coca Cola...my favorite!
 I think my friend Allison's Mom should have this in her yard...this just reminds me of Penny!
 Love old bikes!
 This "manly" barbie doll was a bit frightening...look at that neck!
Vintage fabric scraps makes for new and fun luggage!
Chelsea's Apartment Number!
this was a steal at $80 bucks!
Tiffany bought this to remind her of her childhood vacations to Victoria!
We added another sock monkey to Mackenzie's collection!  He'll fit in nicely with her sock monkey birthday party this weekend!
I added a bunch of old thermoses to my collection and found "The Little Engine That Could", a childhood favorite for 50 cents!
All of our treasures!


  1. Christine, thanks for visiting us at Fleaology and for the wonderful comments and pictures on your blog. We love what we do and can't wait for our next flea in May!

    aka one of the three fleaologists

  2. What great pictures, I LOVE your blog!! I am sorry to say that both the blue cupboard and the bike sold. The person that bought the blue cupboard is a dealer at Treasures North, so it may end up for sale in there, if you want to check that out. Thanks -Paula of pollyanna-reinvents.blogspot.com

  3. Hi Christine, I must chime in here too as the third flea.o.logist! We were so happy to have you come to our "little flea" and find some treasures, and we hope now that you and flea.o.logy will be a tradition! We love finding lovely new friends like you. . . keep in touch! hugs, Cathie


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