Monday, August 15, 2011

Uncle Sandy

As I made pancakes for my kids and poured their delicious syrup on, I thought about one of my most favorite people in the Uncle Sandy.  We got to spend time with him this summer when we went to the beach.  My kids LOVE him and called him Grandpa Sandy because with all of our cousins and aunts and uncles, it's hard to keep relations straight.  He is known for his squeezies, (big squeezie hugs he gives to the kids), for his love of the ocean and the beach and surfing.  He has the best work ethic of anyone I know and he loves to serve others....AND NEVER many of us can say we haven't grumbled while doing something for others we didn't really want to do.   We were able to stay in his home, an experience I wanted my kids to have because I have such fond memories of summers in Carlsbad with my cousins (yes, there were 7 kids in their family).  While there, he fixed lunches, dinners, breakfasts...showed us the best places to get to the beach and avoid the huge crowds (we were there 4th of July weekend), he showed my kids how to ride the waves, loaded up boogie boards, ice chests, chairs, umbrellas and sunscreen so we would be comfortable at the beach.  He shared stories of his youth, growing up in Southern California and fishing on the sea with his father.  He's been stung by a stingray and a shark and survived and when my son was stung by a stingray, he sacrificed his day at the beach to care for my son taking him home and putting his foot in hot water and stayed with him til the pain subsided.  He rescued me as a kid from drowning in the ocean and from sand sharks.  He said family prayer with us nightly and shared his love of trains with my children.  He gets up early and goes to work and comes home to check on his family and then heads back to work...he is a wonderful example to me of what kind of parent I should strive to be.  He does not judge, just shows love and kindness.  He wants us to be happy and will do anything for you.  The morning we left it was very early (around 6 am) and he got up to make us breakfast.  Pancakes, eggs, hot chocolate and orange juice....and he made his special syrup and shared his recipe with us.  I love this man and have been a lucky girl to have him as my Uncle.  I love you Uncle Sandy!  You are the man!

Take whatever brand of maple syrup (we have the big ones from Costco), add a cube of melted butter and cinnamon....mix it together and heat before is divine, like my Uncle Sandy.

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  1. That is awesome. Everyone should have an "Uncle Sandy."


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