Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back to school....sigh....

I hear a lot of moms saying they can't wait til their kids are back in school....I disagree....I LOVE summer!  We wait all year for this season and I love having my kids around me or hanging out with friends with no set schedule.  We do not play sports or take piano lessons or get up too early.  There is never boredom or they know I'll make them's a good time and it tempts me to pull my kids out of school and home school but I'm just not that smart!  So we will make the best of this last week we have together with no set schedule or homework and just relax....we celebrated my first child's birthday at Cowabunga....a very fun, local water park set in my favorite theme, vintage beach!  Hope you enjoy your last week of no school with your kids too, because soon the insanity begins!

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