Friday, April 8, 2011

She's 21 now

 See this girl?  She's my cute daughter and she's just turned 21. What a great age to be, having your whole life ahead of you. 
See those beautiful big eyes?   They are very expressive and they go with her cute personality.  When she was born we said her eyes were half of her birth weight...they were so big and she was so tiny....they are one of her best features!

We fixed a yummy dinner...and guests were invited later on for a dessert bar...

which included high heel sugar cookies, (this girl loves shoes), chocolate marshmallow cookies, shortbread cookies and of course, her favorite, strawberry cheesecake!

so, so good...

are these the cutest boots or what?

She is the best sister anyone can have

she is open to trying new things and is my partner in crime when it comes to road trips, shopping and doing crazy fun things!

We celebrated with friends another night at Benihana's...there will be Benihana shrimp in heaven, I just know it...

I just love this girl and I feel so blessed she's my daughter...
Happy Birthday cute Kayla!


  1. Just about the cutest 21 year old on the planet! I remember you coming to visit when she was a toddler and we thought she was the most charming thing on two legs. She's just as charming now. I think you called her "Kayla dovey do" back then, or something like it.

  2. What a lovely age. Proper grown up and yet having all the radiance of youth. I'm sure you are very proud of her. Have a super Birthday weekend! (-;

  3. Happy Birthday to sweetest Kayla! She is wonderful. You did an excellent job raising her.

  4. Wow!!! 21! She is such a beautiful, sweet, talented girl! You've done well Mama! Happy birthday to Kayla !


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