Monday, April 18, 2011

Inch by inch

Every time I go in my backyard I am overwhelmed by how much work I have to do...we have semi-large back yard (not an acre or anything, just enough for us) and the only thing we've done is put in sprinklers and lay sod in the middle of the yard.  Because I've worked out of the home full-time since moving to Utah I didn't have a lot of time to tend my yard/garden (I know...excuses, excuses!) and so my yard has sat,  patiently waiting for me to dress it up.  Now that I'm home full-time (best decision I ever made) and even though I am working full-time as a childcare provider I now have a lot more time and energy to dedicate to doing what I love...yard work (yes, I love yard work!) My goal is to make my yard a huge garden of flowers, fruit trees and vegetables and to eventually have chickens!  Last week when the sun was shining and the snow had melted, I got out and cleared some of my land.  I decided to work on a small area and then slowly spread around my yard, literally inch by inch.  If I just do a little at a time then it does not seem so overwhelming.  And I did it!  I planted a maple tree a couple of years ago and I wanted it to be free of weeds and yard junk....and here it is....I'm gonna add some other things to this area such as flowers and something hanging behind for plants....but it feels so good to have finished even this little space...and so I'll continue...inch by inch until the whole thing is done!

here is my sad, weedy yard...but it has good bones and a beautiful arbor and will be amazing some day!

here is the corner I completed!  I doesn't seem like a big deal to most but the feeling of accomplishment I get from completing this corner is priceless!

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  1. Good job, that corner looks great! It really does take a little at a time. All of it is too overwhelming.


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