Sunday, February 20, 2011

What a week....

Hey everyone!  Sorry no posts for a former internet provider has been dumped for a new, faster internet for the past week!  It was horrible...but I made it through (thanks to my smart phone)....the new service is amazingly faster and reliable and less $!  I'm now back, better & faster than before! January, I posted about the repairs & organization that were going on around's some photos to show you what I've been up to...

Remember the broken microwave and the stove with only 3 working burners...?  The same stove that when I adjusted the 4th burner, the power blew out in the whole house??  Luckily not the whole neighborhood!  Well that very same stove & microwave have been replaced with these beauties!  And are looking at two ovens!  I can't wait for Thanksgiving and being able to handle the ever frustrating dilemma of cooking the turkey (which hogs the oven all day) and wondering how to get the rolls, stuffing & pies done so that they are all ready about the same time!  Little things excite me.

I love getting packages...don't you?  Makes my day...oh and magazines!  I love when my magazine subscriptions come...oh happy I said, little things excite me.

 These were inside...and they were not expensive!  I ordered them from Chefs Catalog for $29.99 each they offered free shipping!  I was able to add more storage space in my pantry...I first saw racks these in my Better Homes & Garden magazine being used as a gift wrap station...(go here to see the picture), so I got a second one to put in my office/playroom with gift bags, ribbons, wrapping paper, tape, etc...
I absolutely LOVE this product! 

Note:  the fun part about organizing is discovering I had about 14 boxes of Jiffy Muffin mixes...the mixes were hiding in the dark recesses of my cupboards!  Now I can actually see what is in my pantry so I won't keep buying stuff I already had!  I put my baking spices & seasonings on this rack and freed up a lot of space in my cupboards for other stuff.

Our washer machine was misbehaving...stopping mid-cycle, not draining, and taking about 5 hours to completely finish a load...did you know that front loader machines have a filter?  One repairman later, the lowr front panel of the washer was removed, the filter was removed and all of the gunk cleaned out...filter back in, panel back on and my washer works amazingly now!  And how nice am I?  I just saved you a $50 service call!  And my little one caught a nap after I dumped a load of whites on top of her...just don't pay any attention to the underwear...

And now for the former office...sigh...I could never keep that room organized...since opening my daycare, I needed to have the "Little Chicks" on one level so I can keep my eye on them....the little conversations and role playing they do is hysterical!  The other day the little girls played "Bossy Girls"...they walked around with their hands on their hips...where do they come up with these things???  Ok, so back to the office...It has been gutted, painted and is now a fun playroom for the's a few photos to show...more things keep being added and I'll do a final "makeover" post once the curtains are up....shelving is up...etc...if you ever want to see the adventures of the little chicks...just go to my other blog, Little Chicks Daycare

So this is the crazy mess that was my office....cluttered, messy and unorganized...I have a lot of stuff that I my fun cake plates and I want them displayed, but there was nowhere safe to put them....

Messy, messy, messy and dark...the colors were too dark for me...I LOVE color and I wanted it to be
a much lighter, brighter room.

Here is the new wall color..."Ocean Kiss" by Behr paint...I bought the paint that has primer & paint in one can...I paid extra but it really covered well and I only needed the one gallon...I love, love this color!  Walking in this room makes my happy and my children play in there all the time!!!  I have more pictures over at
Little Chicks Daycare that will give you more views...just look at those clean, organized cubes....

Rug is from Ikea...table & chairs from Ikea too...I bought the cubes system a while ago at Roberts using my 40% off coupons and buying one cube at a time....changing out the carpet and putting hardwood floors throughout our main level was the best decision I ever made...they stay clean better, they don't accumulate as much dust and they make the room feel "light"...we used traditional oak because it is VERY durable....and once the kids all grow up and leave, we can sand it and stain it again and they'll look brand new!

New games and puzzles make for happy little chicks...

More to's really endless isn't it?  The amount of "projects" one has to do when your a homeowner??  I'm hurrying to work on our "insides" because once spring comes...there is so much to do on the outside!!!


  1. WOW! Have you been busy!!!!!! Wonderful new things to enjoy!!!! I am still wondering about tht cube systems, but I will have to get rid of one table....but that is not the end of the world...for now my solution is to par down....and I am getting busy doing just that! I am goign to have a mini patio/swap sale with my AZ blogging and scrapbook friends in April I hope here at my house where people are welcome to buy a bunch for next to nothing and also bring their extras to sell for next to nothing....problem is I cannot buy anything! LOL Wonderful post Christine! Love the new paint, and I love that red file cabinet! LOL Sandy

  2. I did notice the oven and microwave, they do look great.

    I do love that room, it is soooo cute. Good job working so hard on the house.


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