Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ms. Zoe

Zoe... you turned 5 yesterday.  When I put you to bed the night before you asked if you would be bigger when you woke up on your birthday...big like your brother Zachary...

You love kitties and Grandma and Grandpa bought you two kitties, just like their kitties, Pete & Gabby and a basket with a are very kind and loving to your animals and they completely surround you when you go to sleep at night...we don't know how you get any rest but you are happy when surrounded by your favorite friends.

Your birthday was a family birthday this year and we decorated with "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" plates, napkins & table cloth.  I think you're the hungry caterpillar because you are in a growth spurt and eat all day long!  You've grown over 6 inches in the past year!

 Everyone in our family came to celebrate your special day...all of your brothers & sisters, grandma and grandpa, Uncle Steve and Aunt Lara and Max & Jackson...lots of your friends stopped by with had a very special day even though you woke up with a painful stiff neck from sleeping on your pillow pet!

You received so many gifts like Wimzies, Lolaloopsie Dolls, a new Pillow Pet, lots of puppies & kitties and new arts & craft supplies!  You loved everything!

You chose hot dogs & macaroni & cheese for dinner which was a very good choice because we found out that yesterday was National Hot Dog Day! I made cupcakes and a chocolate cake for dessert....everyone sang and you did a lot of smiling....when you jumped into bed you said, "I had a great day Mommy!"  For being so young, you always show gratitude for every day...we love you sweet girl,

Happy Birthday Zoe!


  1. Christine,

    What a sweet sweet post! You can just see the joy in her eyes! You are a great Mommy! Birthday parties are "forever" memories! :):) Sandy

  2. You have a great blog and I wanted to share a little award with you. Come check it out at

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. Sweet baby Zoe. Happy Birthday to her! I love the cake, it looks so great and I know your bundt cakes are always delicious.


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