Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wanna Go?


  1. YES !!!!!!!!!! Oh yes.... :):)

  2. hi! you have a great blog...hope you you take time to visit mine


  3. Christine...I live right across from Land Park...why on any given day I can hear the train from Funderland or the monkeys from the zoo (or wait maybe that is one of my yahoos acting like a Monkey!!) What part of flat sac did you live? While I have lived here for 20 years, I am still adjusting.

    Love your blog it is adorable...I too love vintage, fun and funk.... I will add you to my list of read blogs....

    samba in sac

  4. Christine, Yes I have a Christmas CD.....please email me at I can tell you all about it and another one I have. I have three in total! :) Thanks for asking!!!!! Sandy


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