Sunday, January 9, 2011

Surviving 46

 So I turned 46 and my family & friends spoiled me rotten...I don't deserve it after whining all week about being old...but life is good & I am blessed and so grateful to sweet friends who crafted with me into the wee morning hours even though they had both worked and were so tired...and for my family, who came to celebrate the day with me, my older kids cooked, cleaned and baked delicious goodness! 
Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I love you all!

for some reason, the birthday cards all had something to do with pee...???  Do older people pee a lot??  I did laugh so hard that I wanted to pee...maybe that's it!

Look at the darling bowl from Home Goods!  And now I have the tiered tray to match!
My daughter bought me this adorable card set...Good Housekeeping Magazine covers...remember those?
I spent Friday lunching with my Mom and visiting stores like Hip & Humble....we visited Restoration Hardware first and found the store to be drab and without color...seriously...grey walls, they covered books with cream linen, cream couches and chairs, blacks, greys and cream...the store was void of any vibrant colors!  Even the salesmen were wearing grey and black.  My 4 year old wanted to leave the "ugly" store....that's when we headed to Hip & Humble and found these adorable measuring cups & teaspoons...yay for color!
and I found this adorable spoon...
This little Valentine couple I found at Home Goods....more Annalees for my immense collection!  I can never pass these up... 
My cute boy Eric who gave me $$ because he knew I was stressed about money & all the things that have been breaking in our house thoughtful...are there people out there that don't have to stress about money?  I hope so...I'm not one of them!
My cute girl Mackenzie who played me "Happy Birthday" on the piano...
 My oldest daughter Chelsea who cooked, cleaned, bought the groceries & worked so hard to make my day a good one....Thank you Chels...I love you!

 My sweetheart husband Gary who is also my age but only looks 21...thanks for shopping with me and taking me to lunch and doing everything I wanted to do on my day...I love you honey!

My shy son Zack who played "Somewhere over the Rainbow", the version played on the ER episode where Dr. Green dies...the version I bawl to everytime...thanks for playing even though you were so embarrassed....I love you son!

 Thank you to Kayla, my culinary daughter who made lemon pound cake with drizzled lemon & fresh lemons decorated the are an amazing cook...thank you, thank you!   My cute Zoe in the background gave me a homemade card which I just love...she can write her name and "Mom" really good!  Thank you Zoe & you girls!

Thanks to my cute Dad who ALWAYS does the dishes when he comes over...if you step in to help he butts you aside with his elbows....

My cute Mom who shopped with me, dined with me and is so much fun to be around!  She filled our lives with color and fun & loved me even through my bratty teenage years!  Thank you Mom!

Thanks to my brother and his wife and kids who came and brought me the coolest card making machine!  Thanks guys!  My niece who gave me a gift card for a mani-pedi....oh my gosh, THANK YOU!

and aren't these kissing fish baloons just so dang cute?
oh my...look at all those candles...
I will never complain least I'll try not to...I can't get Edie off my mind and when I start griping, I think of her...perspective....sweet perspective....46 isn't that old...and thanks to my blog friends who reminded me of that...


  1. Happy birthday hon, wow look at you surrounded by all your lovely family and treated to all those pressies, see 46 isn't so bad after all, Lucey xx

  2. hApPy bIrThDaY tO yOu!! 46 is not old!!!! What a lovely family day you had - and amazing pressies too!

  3. Just found your blog through Tales from the Big Tomato. I had to smile because I grew up in Land Park and have such great memories of the Zoo and Fairy Tale Town!!! What a great place to be a kid. I will enjoy reading more of your blog!

    Karen :)

  4. Yes, Fairy Tale Town, the zoo and golf course in Land Park are still going strong. It seems like things really stay the same there. We are living in the South Bay area now but some of my best buddies are in Land Park so I visit often. I look forward to keeping up with your blog. Love your vintage-y style!!!

  5. Oh you lucky girl! I picked up that two tier tray and that bowl at Home Goods and then saw a frame I needed for my penny rug from Elizabeth ( Creative Breathing-Bluebird Papercrafts) and had to make a the tray and the bowl were put physically hurt! LOL I do have a Christmas CD, please email me at so we can talk!!!!! :):) Sandy

  6. I'm happy you had a wonderful birthday. You have such a great family. I'm glad I can count on them to take care of you.:)


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