Wednesday, September 29, 2010

KSL Interview

My daughter Chelsea and I were interviewed by a local TV station when the news came out to film our walking group!  My friend Burgandy Keel is competing on this season's Biggest Loser and she has "paid it forward" by getting a group of walkers and runners out every morning at 5:30 was my 18th day of hard-core walking and I've lost 9 pounds...!!!!!  I haven't lost any weight in years and so this 9 pounds is huge for me!!!  I love the support of family & friends and I want to keep going and going until I'm a little skinny thing!  Well, not too skinny!

See interview here:


  1. Wow! That was so exciting! When Chelsea came on the screen Olivia said, "Hey that's my other buddy!"
    I'm so proud of you with your weight loss! That takes some real dedication! Some of my friends from that blog I told you about are doing a 6k walk at Thanksgiving Point called "Wasatch Women Love your Body" in a couple of weeks. I really wish I could come out for it and we could do it together!

  2. Really so proud of you for keeping it up and for doing it with your family. Good job.


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