Monday, August 30, 2010

My own version of Eat - Pray - Love

I moved my daughter to Huntington Beach, California over the weekend and I had my own version of
"Eat, Pray, Love"
While my daughter spent some time getting aquainted with her new roommate, I headed over to The Huntington Beach Pier Plaza and took a nice long walk on the pier to begin my own little adventure with food!  Seafood by the sea is a just tastes better. 


Ruby's Diner sits at the end of the pier overlooking the's a fun 50's style restaurant and as I had an amazing seat with an ocean view...I was able to relax and take in the view...some "me" time....

The waitresses wear little candy striper dresses like the one on this menu....very cute!
The clear pillar tubes are filled with rushing water and the surf boards rotate around....I love the fun atmosphere in this place...I felt a bit weird taking pictures while sitting alone in my booth but figured I'll never see these people again!
My favorite drink if you didn't know is Diet Coke....

My combo seafood platter arrived...steaming hot and it was delicious!

I'm now to the "pray" portion of my little weekend....I pray and pray for all my children but especially this girl...she's my 3rd oldest child (out of 6) and we call her Kayla girl.  She is 20 years old and although she wants to have an adventure and be independent, and go to school and work and enjoy the sun and sand...she will be very homesick for us and even though I know she's going to be ok, I worry about many prayers were said on her behalf this weekend....I love her so much and I want her to be happy...what Mother doesn't want that for their children?  She cried when I left and I cried too...I will miss her so much!

And now on to Love....have I told you how much I love this part of the world?  I love, love, love, love is where I lived for the majority of my life and I miss it so....the sun especially and the beaches and the good memories I had at those beaches as a I took some alone time and walked the pier in the lovely sunshine and soaked in the gorgeous views and watched all of the people playing and enjoying their day at the beach....and I feel refreshed and recharged and happy...I'm ready to let summer go and move on to the fall weather...(as I flew back to Utah, the plane was bouncing all around because of the crazy hailed this morning and it's very chilly....sheesh, is it really fall?)

Hope you enjoy...I know I did!

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  1. Love your attitude about taking photos even when alone. Good for you. That diner looks like a blast to be at. Your daughter has such a pretty smile, she glows from the inside out. Lovely beach photos. It has been eons since I've been to any beach. I'm long overdue for a surf and sand vacation.


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