Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to School Cool

You're now in 8th are into your "I'm too cool to hug Mom phase"...I hate that phase...I miss all your chattiness and all the things you used to talk to me about...I now have to question you about your day in a creative but sneaky way, like saying, "So what was the weirdest thing that happened today?"  You still help me out so much and without complaint.  You serve others with no effort and you tease your sister's relentlessly...your 12 and getting so grown up...i love you Zack.

You are one of the cutest girls I know.  You make school uniforms look "hip".  You do your own hair and you do it good.  You love to chat at school and Mrs. Buttars may have to move your seat.  Your super smart in Math.  You have the kindest heart and you treat others with kindness too.  You love your friends and your family and I am so happy to be your Mom.  I love you Kenz.


  1. Oh Christine, you lovely Mum!!

    My boys are 26 and 15 now, so I know exactly what you mean!:(
    Michelle x


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