Friday, July 16, 2010

Carnival Time!

I love old time carnivals...the foods are so good and you only get to have them once in a great that justifies the calories, right?  Right?  My favorite...corn dogs!  Funnel cakes are yummy too...what's your favorite?
Candy apples are delish but slush puppies...?  Can anyone tell me what a slush puppy is?
Yummy lemonade...shaved ice, anything to keep cool...this little carnival was set up in American Fork for their annual "Steel Days"...when's the last time you went to a carnival?
One more thing to share....I found these amazing, ginormous marshmallows at my local Walmart!  These babies are huge and I can't wait to cook them around the campfire this summer...we're heading to the beach!


  1. Christine,
    LOVE this post!!!! My favorite is hard red candy apples and cotton candy.....just seeing those photos I can smell the food!!!! And I did a post about those marshmallows a while back, I swear two of them and you are so done!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!! Sandy

  2. What a cute carnival! Love it! Oh, and my fav. is funnel cake. I LOVE it! Mmm MMM.


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