Thursday, July 15, 2010

Big Barn Sale!

I'm so excited!  I found a Barn Sale!  This gal was selling her property and opened up her old barn to the public and she had everything for sale!
These gypsy wagons are so cool
She had old wagons, hand carts, carriages, you name it...
She had lovely flowers growing out of window boxes and containers here and there...
My camera didn't adjust too well to the lighting inside the barn...but look at everything...I want that white hutch...wouldn't that be a great cabinet for storage in my craft room?
Old milk bottles from local dairies...I bought a couple of these...
and put some flowers in them...very fun...I just love the red writing
An old scale
An old washing machine...makes me happy to live in modern times...
Tables piled high, all kinds of treasures here and there...and the strong smell of animal poop....all kinds of critters must've made their home in this old barn...
Wagon wheels...makes you wonder who this old wheel carried at one time...
An outhouse anyone?  Lot's of old wheels everywhere...
More flowers
This old gypsy wagon was written up in the "Deseret News"...want to see inside??
There's a bed inside...
A little cook stove and a cabinet...and guess what?  The women who owns the farm is going to haul a bunch of these out onto some property she has and will set them up in a'll be able to bring your family, rent a wagon and have a real cowboy campout!
More stuff inside the barn...
This little house sits in front of the old's now an art museum in Riverton,, huh?


  1. Oh I would love to have gone and had a good old 'Rummage around!'
    Looks like great fun! X

  2. Wow great find.
    What a cool place.
    Love the milk bottles.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  3. WOW!!! What an awesome place, thanks for taking us along too!
    I love all the tours you take us on!

  4. have to share where this is! i want to go. :)

  5. are you doing fallow farm this year?

  6. This barn is open every Saturday and is located in Riverton,, huh?

  7. T- I want to but I have not been making anything...I may have some new ideas when I come back from vacation..I am definitely attending whether or not I'm a vendor! Your gonna be there, right?


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