Sunday, May 16, 2010

Crazy, Busy Weekend!

Weekends at our place are so crazy & hectic, but I'm a bit proud of myself this weekend...we got a lot done....let me walk you through a weekend at our house...

We grab a quick bite to eat and we're off running...!
With six kids, there is always a mountain of laundry to's endless plus I KNOW the kids are throwing some clean clothes back in the pile along with dirty clothes....aaaggghhh!
Grocery shopping every weekend...we seem to go through a lot of toilet paper and laundry soap!
The last soccer game for the season was a must do! 
 Ending score...0 - 0!
My husband's co-worker gave us his old, grey filing I added a touch of red to it!
I finally got my adirondack chairs painted!  These have been sitting in my garage waiting & waiting for some attention!
I was even able to work on my office...adding the new filing cabinet is going to help me be more organized!
Add to the list, cleaning the house, changing a bike tire, weeding, planting, a date with my husband to see "Letters from Juliet" (a very romantic movie) and dinner at "Smash Burger" which I highly recommend, church on Sunday and I even found time to update my blogs!  We are exhausted but feel like we accomplished a lot...I'm off to bed with some tylenol & a bottle of water...(I drank way too much Diet Coke!)  Hope your weekend was as fulfilling!


  1. Very impressive. I'm so proud of you.

  2. Well....I can totally relate to your weekend.
    It sounds alot like mine...especially the clean/dirty laundry mixup! that's a constant thing at our house thanks to my 13 yr old son:)
    I'm diggin the red file cabinet and painted chairs...
    love your cutie pie blog.
    happy everything,

  3. Sounds like you got a lot done. I love the filing cabinet makeover. xx Pixie xx

  4. love the cabinet, it looks fab! I am a fellow 'HAPPY BLOGGER' xx

  5. I love that file. It is so cute! Your office looks wonderful.

  6. I have a recipe for homemade laundry soap and it' great and cheap per load!!! Email if you want it.
    Your office looks great..
    I mailed out your swap package today. It was ready so off it went. I forgot to take a photo for the post...
    What a great Mom's day you had!
    Deb :)


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