Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sun & Motivation

The sun has amazing powers doesn't it?  We've had such cold temperatures, high winds that nobody wanted to leave the house! 
But today, look who made it's glorious appearance???  The Sun!  Now my mood is lighter & happier, I'm motivated to get things done and so I spent my morning enjoying my cocoa in the sun and made a 4 page list (yes! 4 pages!) of home repairs/improvements that need to be done!  Our repair guy is coming tomorrow, so we'll see what amazing things he'll get done!  If you live in Utah and need the name of a reliable repairman, give me a holler and I'll give you his information!  He is honest, speedy, accurate and affordable! 

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  1. Hi Christine!

    I buy the jars at Wal-Mart or Hobby Lobby whent hey are on sale. I bought some at Target during the holidays that already had red and green tops, but they didn't have the gallon size. I just wash the top in hot sudsy water, then dry really good, I use Krylon white primer and then Krylon gloss is pretty easy! I will send instruction with the decals! :)


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