Sunday, November 1, 2009

Welcome Fall!

Happy Fall Everyone!

Ahhh, fall in Utah...
Gorgeous colors, long drives & time with family...

It's November 1st and the holidays are a coming! I love Halloween, but come November 1st I start freaking out a bit because I have 1 husband, 6 children, parents, 3 siblings, 6 nieces & nephews, in-laws, friends, get Christmas presents and Christmas cards delivered to! (panic attack starting here)....BUT....guess what? Having 6 kids means were always on a tight budget so this year, my husband and I had our date Kmart because they do lay-away! And I just found out that Sears is doing it too! So...need to keep on a budget & can't afford the cost of Christmas all at once? Do layaway! Happy Fall y'all! Keep checking in...I'll post some fun & inexpensive decorations I'm putting together...leave a comment so I know you stopped by and if you have any ideas to share, please share!

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