Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Favorite Shows this Season

The Community
Thursday nights on NBC...hysterical...this show makes us laugh so much....good, deep, belly hurtin chuckles...love it

Monday Nights on NBC
(my hubby's favorite, not mine)
The Good Wife
Tuesday Nights on CBS
(LOVE this show, love her character...hubby's not a fan)

The Amazing Race
Sunday nights on CBS
We both love this one, although our favorite couple, Zev & Justin got booted off! Bummer!

....what's your favorite?


  1. I love Community so much. It is the best new show for me this season. LOVE IT!!

    Other new ones I like, Flash Forward, Glee, V, and White Collar.

    Old ones I love, Castle, Heroes, The Office, 30 Rock, Fringe, Dollhouse, Monk, Psych, Sunny with a Chance.

    Yay, I think that's all. You should not ask me such things. It makes me look crazy, like all I do it watch TV. It's only possible with a DVR, bless 'em.

  2. Oh yeah! We LOVE Psyche & Monk, but that Community show just cracks us up! Thanks for sharing and NO, you don't look crazy..we love DVRing too! How's your family? You avoiding illness?

  3. So far everyone is healthyish. A little coughing, but not the flu, thank goodness, just regular coughing, no fever.

  4. I need to start watching Community. I love Office, Bones, Glee, Psych, Monk, American Idol, and yes, I'm with Jen, I do like Sonny with a Chance too. The cast cracks me up.


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