Monday, November 30, 2009

Just Keep Voting, Just Keep Voting....


Like the fish Dorie in "Finding Nemo"...instead of swimming....just repeat..."just keep voting, just keep voting"....this is the final week of this competition! You can vote through midnight, December 6th...the winner will be announced on December 11th....(I can't wait!)
I want to thank all of you who have so amazingly voted multiple times, spread the word to so many others who have also spread the word! Thanks to so many people in so many lands! Literally...I've received e-mails from strangers encouraging me on, many who have had this procedure done have e-mailed support & shared experiences....I have people voting in England, the Phillippines, Canada, and many, many cities in the United son is on a mission in Chicago, IL and he had the members of his ward's just been such an amazing keep on keepin week and please know how much I love & appreciate each and every one of you....XOXOXOXO! -Christine-

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