Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Remember those apples & raspberries I picked? Yes picked! Right off the bushes and trees...! On a farm no less! Well I whipped them up into a delicious & tasty sweet dessert...I'm always so pleased with myself when something I make or bake turns out good...I'm not the best cook but am getting better at baking! Yay! PS - It was delicious!


  1. That really looks yummy! I used to pick raspberries, strawberries and boysenberries from my Grandpa's garden, when I was a young girl. They were still warm from the sun. My Mom and Grandma made pies with these berries. Boysenberry pie with homemade ice cream is the greatest!

  2. I LOVE that yellow Bee plate the caramel goodness was on a few posts ago. Where is your friends bakery? I hope 2 1/2 hours North from you;)
    I too love it when my baking turns out yummy. Although that doesn't happen much. I am however going to make your giant cupcakes for my nieces baby shower next week. I found the pans at Joanns and bought some fun blue and white ribbon to tie around them. You have also enspired me to start "creating" again (something other than my totes) I ventured into D.I. and found some treasures. I will be posting the finished products on my family blog soon. I'm sooooo glad to know you. Keep up the great posting!


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