Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fall is Right Around the Corner

I know, I's still summer and October is 2 whole months away! But I can't help but get a little excited for Halloween! Plus I have to get in the "fall mode" and start designing stuff for my show in September! One event my girls and I attend every year is "Witches Night Out" at Gardner's Village! My oldest daughter will be home from New Jersey & my other daughter Kayla and I will be heading out to this wild event! It's seriously is a wild & crazy night of dancing, dress-ups, feasting & shopping! I love Gardner Village and take my family there many times during the year. My little ones love the pony rides and petting zoo and all of the holidays that Gardner Village celebrates! Their live nativity at Christmas time is just beautiful and tastefully done...using live animals & beautiful music...I love the different ways they decorate the place! I'm always impressed by their attention to details, every nook & crannie is decorated so if you haven't been, GO! And if you're interested in joining me for a Witchy night out, leave a comment! The event is October 16th & 17th for ladies 18 & up! They are also holding a Wee Witches event on October 1 - 3rd so our little guys can get their spook on! They'll have carriage rides that take you to a witch's house! Fun! If you're REALLY into Halloween you can even audition to be a Gardner Village witch...tempting, but NO...I just like to go and have a good time & see all the amazing witches!

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  1. Oh my goodness. We are kindred spirits.... I LOVE Gardener. But since I'm farther away now I usually only make it there for the witches. Can't wait. Do you eat at Achibalds? Mmmmmm, fried green tomatoes. My absolutly favorite food ever! I actually asked them for the recipe and got it! But mine aren't as yummy.


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