Thursday, March 12, 2009

More Sneak Peeks!

Nettie's Nook will be back with her sweet little tutus, hair bows & dress up clothes for both boys & girls! Visit her website at
These adorable little Easter baskets & seasonal word blocks will be available too!


  1. Little Zoe looks so darling. I'd just like to reach out and give her hugs and kisses! Looks like a really fun boutique! Wish I could come!
    Sister Pratt

  2. Amelia wants to invite zoe to her "pee-pee paw-tee" to have "cut-cakes" if she ever gets potty trained.

  3. Could I have copies of the 2 picture of Zoe in her tutu? They'd be great painting subjects. Also the one of her licking the spoon.


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